A Pinch of Basil

As I was tending my tomato plants, I noticed I needed to pinch my basil–that is, to cut off the growing tips so the plants would branch out from the side shoots.

Basil before pinching

Basil after pinching

Then the question that arose was what to do with those beautiful basil tops.  The answer: bruschetta–quick and easy!  I chopped tomatoes–store bought, of course, at this time of year, but the beauty of having fresh basil on hand is that it makes even store bought tomatoes taste better.  I also minced the basil tops and some garlic.  There’s no recipe here; that’s why it’s easy. I mixed the tomatoes, basil, and garlic with some olive oil and a little bit of fleur de sel.

What to do with those basil tops?

I took a baguette  (got one free at church thanks to the Gleaners!) and sliced it.  These aren’t the most beautiful bruschetta I’ve ever made because I just cut the bread quickly without trying to keep the slices neat and even. While the grill warmed up, I brushed olive oil on the slices and then turned them over on a grilling sheet with holes.  Then I spooned the tomato mixture onto the baguette slices and place the grilling sheet onto the grill. I closed the lid and let the bruschetta cook for a short while.  Meanwhile, I also thawed some cold shrimp and wah-lah–an easy and very tasty dinner to enjoy as we sat around a fire on the deck!

There's no recipe here.

Wah-lah! Add some cold shrimp and you have dinner.


About A Well Watered Garden

Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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