TOMATOES! They’re coming!!

No, it’s not the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes; it’s my babies–the tomatoes I started from seed back on March 24.

Sweet Millions

Now the first cherry tomatoes have ripened. Both the Sweet 100s and the Sweet Millions plants have one red one and orange tomato each on July 13.  That’s 17 weeks from seed planting to harvesting.

I have considered Sweet 100s and Sweet Millions interchangeably to be my favorite tomato for as long as I’ve been gardening. I call them CANDY.  I just put a bowl of them out, and we gobble them up–even people who are not big tomato fans can’t resist.

Since I’m growing both of them this year as well as several other cherry tomatoes that promise to be sweet, such as Sweet Hearts and Sweet Treats, I’ll have to reevaluate and pick my #1 favorite.  So far, in my side by side comparison of the first tomatoes from each plant, Sweet 100s wins.  True, it was smaller, but it was also sweeter. The Sweet Millions tomato had begun to split (always a problem with cherries!), and it’s skin was a little tougher.

We’ll see how the race develops as the tomatoes come rolling in!


About A Well Watered Garden

Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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