What’s in Bloom at Chez Rea – December 2011

Roses! 12/1/11

I successfully brought the color back to two poinsettia plants. However, I did not bring them inside and start their long nights until I was bringing my other plants inside. Thus the red was only out at the tips. I still decorated with them, however, by cutting the stems and putting them in water. (TIP: A florist friend who visited us said I should dip the end of the stems in rubbing alcohol first. I did that a couple weeks later, and those poinsettia cuttings held up longer.) Next year I should try to put the plants under the long night timer sooner, perhaps in August.

The Front Yard's Christmas Decor

The Deck's Christmas Decor 12/9/11


About A Well Watered Garden

Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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