What’s in Bloom at Chez Rea – February 2012


Streptocarpella has become my favorite plant for two of the containers on my deck every year. One is a blue ceramic pot in a black metal plant stand, and I bring that one in and put it by my bedroom window during the winter. It eventually dropped the blooms it had when I brought it in, but now it has put out another spray of blooms.  I like to take some cutting from it in the spring so I can refresh this container with new plants and also plant some in the three-tiered wire planter that hangs above the window boxes on my deck.  I failed to get those cuttings last year, but I trimmed back the plants that I’d kept over over the winter and managed to keep that container going.  I’d overwintered some smaller plants, too, so I put those in the three-tiered planter and filled the gaps in with impatiens.  They did OK, but young plants from fresh cuttings would have bloomed fuller and better.

One the right is how the streptocarpella container looked looked during the garden walk last year.

And this is how the three-tiered container looked during the garden walk last year.

Hopefully, I will take cuttings and get better plants going this year.

Yes, the $5 clearance orchid that I bought several months ago is still blooming.

And that’s about it for my own plants in bloom. However, we did import some blooms, too:

The flowers my husband bought me for Valentines Day looked good for about two weeks. He knows how to pick them!

We got bonus Valentines flowers thanks to a friend who wound up with extras from making deliveries. The yellow tulips were a perfect match for my kitchen table.

Meanwhile, I came up with a very flowery Valentines table setting without using any real flowers. There's always SOMETHING in bloom at Chez Rea!


About A Well Watered Garden

Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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