And We’re Off!

The Chez Rea 2012 garden has begun! And I’m not talking about the seeds I started a couple weeks ago or the fruit trees I grafted a few days ago. I’m talking about PLANTING OUTSIDE ALREADY! Yes! I opened up one of my veggie beds and planted snow peas–Dwarf Grey Sugar, my favorite.

Snow Peas planted - 3/21/12

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever started planting outside. The weather here has been hitting record highs–up to 80 degrees–for a week or two, but that is not why I planted earlier. I planted earlier because the ground was ready, not too wet or cold to work.  And I planted only things that could handle a light frost as we’re quite likely to have cooler temperatures again. I’m super excited about this early start and hoping God will bless us with a fuller and longer harvest on snow peas, my favorite vegetable. I planted them rather thickly, as usual, and hopefully I’ll have the good sense this year to thin them out after they start growing.

While I was at it (and because the garden bed looked so inviting with its lovely cookie crumb soil enriched last fall with composted horse manure), I plopped a few onion sets in there and sprinkled some lettuce and arugula seeds, too.

Kitchen Garden planting plan for 2012

Here are the other garden tasks I accomplished today:

  • I set up my planting plan for the veggie beds. (This was a necessary first step before planting the snow peas so that I’d know which bed to put them in.)
  • I put up wire supports for the snow peas.
  • I used the hose which my husband had just hooked up to wet my compost bin. It was only half full and very dry.
  • I filled the compost bin to the top with the leaves, grass, and manure saved from last fall and wet it all down.
  • I cleaned up most of the front yard by picking up the dried leaves and stems and tossing them into my new rough compost area.
  • I had one of my sons rescue the New Dawn rose vines from the football that had fallen onto the arbor.

Not bad for the middle of March! Of course, I’m neglecting those seedlings in my basement that need to be transplanted and those fruit grafts that need to be finished.  But I can work on those when the cold and rain return.

"I don't care how it got up there, but I wish someone here would get that football down soon without harming the rose vines or the arbor."


About A Well Watered Garden

Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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