The Rosemary Challenge

Rosemary in a Terrarium - 1/23/13

Rosemary in a Terrarium – 1/23/13

Ah, rosemary! 9 winters out of 10 I fail to get it to survive in my house. I’ve tried it all–keeping its pot over a tray of water, covering it loosely with a plastic bag, and parking it by a basement window, where the poor insulation allows more moisture in. In fact, I have one plant in that window now, sitting over a pie plate filled with water. We’ll see how that one survives.

Oops! I need to add some water to that pie plate.

Oops! I need to add some water to that pie plate.

Fortunately, I have a friend, April, who is the Queen of Rosemary. She bought a small plant from Ace Hardware several years ago, and now it fills a 12-inch pot and served her family as a small Christmas tree this holiday season. Therefore, my backup plan for this winter is leaving several little rosemary plants at April’s house; these happen to be cuttings she took from her plant last year and which she brought to my yard this summer. Apparently rosemary grows better here in the summertime and stays alive better at April’s in the winter.

In addition I’m trying something new this year: putting a couple plants in a terrarium (pictured above).  I discovered that the beautiful terrarium my sister Ann gave me is quite practical for growing small moisture loving plants when I managed to keep a frosted fern alive in there for a good while.  So now we’ll see how these two rosemary plants survive there. One has started to bloom!

One way or another, I hope to succeed in overwintering some rosemary this year.


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