Here’s Flowers for You

First, it's all about the food--especially when I have time to plan and prepare a special meal for the occasion. I got this appetizer ready at home--cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto and herbs (basils and mint) and even some edible flowers.

Using edible flowers at a Shakespeare picnic – 7/15/15

Here’s flowers for you;
Hot lavender, mints, savoury, marjoram;
The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ the sun
And with him rises weeping: these are flowers
Of middle summer, and I think they are given
To men of middle age.

William Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale

I just LOVE edible flowers! Those of you who know me personally know that I also love to go to Shakespeare plays. Thus it’s natural that I should combine these two loves whenever I get a chance to have a picnic at an outdoor summer Shakespeare performance. We (husband, #2 son, and I) just enjoyed the first Shakespeare picnic of this season as we went to see First Folio‘s production of The Winter’s Tale. I hope these pictures give my fellow edible flower fans some inspiration for how to use your own blooms. (Click on a picture for the larger gallery view.)

Perfect evenings like this make me thankful to God, who created this amazing world, for the excellent gifts He has given, especially the creativity of humankind. It was an awesome delight to experience the art of the theater, the art of a great writer, and the art of food and presentation–all at the same time we were outside on a cool summer evening. This year’s summer Shakespeare season is off to a great start!

Recipes and Notes

I’ve made prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe before, but it was recipes like these two that inspired me to add the herbs (lemon basil, lime basil, Thai basil, and mint) and edible flowers (lemon gem marigolds, bachelor’s buttons, oregano) this time.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon with Mint & White Balsamic Vinegar

Cantaloupe and Mozzarella with Prosciutto and Basil

This recipe has become my go-to guide for making taco meat from any ground meat: Taco Lettuce Wraps. And this is the recipe that gave me the idea for taco pie, which is much easier to handle on a picnic than tacos: Easy Crescent Taco Bake.

The salad was all from my garden: kale, pea shoots, broccoli, snow peas, and radishes. The white flowers in there came off those same pea shoots.

The dessert I brought was actually a back up I pulled out of the freezer when I realized that the dessert I’d planned had failed. Either way, I wanted to use some of the raspberries my garden is producing so abundantly this year.

Raspberry-Cream Cheese Muffins

And I thought last year was a good year for raspberries! I'm getting even more this year. 6/27/15

And I thought last year was a good year for raspberries! I’m getting even more this year. 6/27/15

Those of you who are interested in the particular production we saw may want to read my husband’s review of it on his Bardwatching Facebook page.



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    Always enjoy your posts and ideas! And your friendship!

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