You Say Potato, I Say Experimento


"Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste." -Shakespeare

“Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.” -Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Birthplace - 4/23/11

Shakespeare’s Birthplace – 4/23/11

Happy Shakespeare’s Birthday! This is a big year for Bard lovers like me and my husband because it’s the 400th anniversary of his death. Five years ago today we were at Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon and bumped into the man himself out in the garden.

Today, however, I stayed close to home. Here in my own garden I planted potatoes for the first time ever. Not only that, but I planted them in containers! This is quite an experiment for me. I got the idea from Nina Koziol when I saw her fabulous container vegetable garden last year. She was growing many potatoes in large black nursery pots. I was reminded of this idea when I was trying to decide what to order from Gardens Alive a couple months ago (I had to order something because I got a super good coupon.)  and saw that they sold Purple Majesty seed potatoes. I ordered them, and they arrived over a month ago. I’ve been keeping them in my basement.

Purple Majesty potato tubers - 4/23/16

Purple Majesty potato tubers – 4/23/16

I knew I needed to plant them soon, and today was the day. Indeed, they had already sprouted quite a bit inside the bag. I emptied ten large pots and filled them back partway with old, used potting mix.  I put two potatoes in each of the three larger pots and one in each smaller pot. (I didn’t have enough pots to cut and space them out more.) I also added a cup or two of BuffaLoam per potato and more used potting soil. Then I watered them.

Partially Filled Containers with Potato Tubers - 4/23/16

Partially Filled Containers with Potato Tubers – 4/23/16

Containers Planted with Purple Majesty Potatoes - 4/23/16

Containers Planted with Purple Majesty Potatoes – 4/23/16


And there you have it–my first ever planting of potatoes! I got the tubers for free (paid less than $3 for shipping) and bought the BuffaLoam on clearance a year or two ago, so all together this experiment cost me maybe $7-8. We’ll see how many potatoes I get!

What’s in Bloom at Chez Rea – Spring 2016

Like the Bard says, “sweet flowers are slow and weeds make hast.” Here are some of the blooms we’ve had so far this spring. This is the first year I’ve had Greek Anemones as I planted them just last fall after buying them from the garden club.

Greek Anemone - 4/23/16

Greek Anemone – 4/23/16


Dwarf Iris, given to me a few years ago by my friend Sue F. – 4/23/16


Tete-a-Tete Daffodil – 3/23/16


Pink Hyacinth – 4/15/16


BEFORE Spring Cleanup – 4/15/16


AFTER Spring Cleanup – 4/15/16

Speaking of what’s in bloom at Chez Rea, I bought flowers for the Bard’s birthday. Actually, I couldn’t resist the prices since Meijer’s had 10%-off and Menard’s had an 11%-back rebate. That is why I bought them TOO EARLY, of course. Now I have to keep them alive until I can get them established in containers.

Sweet Flowers for Shakespeare's Birthday - 4/23/16

Sweet Flowers for Shakespeare’s Birthday – 4/23/16

As you can see, I succumbed to buying myself one of those ridiculously expensive salad bowls, too, all because it included edible flowers–violas.  I just LOVE edible flowers! Alas, all the pansies I managed to start back in January have died.

“Pray, love, remember: and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts.”  -Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act IV, scene 5)









7/14/16 UPDATE

Hey, those Purple Majesty potatoes I’m growing are a powerful cancer fighter according to this study: Purple Potatoes Help Prevent Colon Cancer. That is especially good news for me!

A Well Watered Soul

I really believe that better health is one of the many blessings God has given us through my garden. Plus, it’s a beautiful place to workship. I just made that word up (Hey, a vocabulary size quiz said that, like Shakespeare, I’m at the level to do that.) as I’ve been thinking about 1 Cor. 10:31 and re-listening to The Pursuit of God.)



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Rea is my last name, and Chez Rea is what we call our home and family. That’s French for the Rea House, and it rhymes. Say “shay ray” and you’re pronouncing it right.
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7 Responses to You Say Potato, I Say Experimento

  1. Green grass in your yard! We still have snow in our yard, but it’s melting fast now.

    Shakespeare looked good for his age!


  2. Ann says:

    Great potato experiment! I have a teacher friend who stacked old tires about 3 deep and had students plant potatoes. They harvested them from the top down… removing each tire as they dug them out. Fun project!


  3. Reblogged this on A Well Watered Garden and commented:

    I just added a little update to the end of this post.


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