The Grand Prize Game!

I planted all my container vegetables this Monday, and my husband had fun posting about it. Those who are familiar with WGN’s Bozo’s Circus will understand his reference to the Grand Prize Game when they see how I lined up my pots.

He got many more reactions and comments on his next post.

Here are my own before and after pictures.

Containers before planting – 5/29/17

It was quite an exhausting day! According to the Fitbit I got for my birthday, I took over 15,000 steps, walked over 5 miles, and climbed 11 flights of stairs.

My Method

  1. I moved all the containers to the grass, so that I don’t get more soil falling onto the rocks and giving weed seeds a place to grow. Most of my containers, by the way, are “self watering,” so I don’t have to water them as often. Water in the reservoir at the bottom is wicked into the soil above through a soil filled channel in the specially shaped bottom. I removed and cleaned all the reservoirs.
  2. I took out the top third of the potting soil in each container, and I loosened the remaining soil and mixed organic fertilizer throughout it. Then I watered it well.
  3. I gathered all the vegetable seedlings that I wanted to put in containers and decided which ones would go into which pots.  In the smaller bright blue containers I put the plants that would not grow too big:  Patio Princess tomatoes that I’d started from seed a Cajun Belle pepper, which had been recommended at that container gardening class I took. (The container that I won is pictured above, at the right in the back row.) In the square containers, which are not self watering, I put pepper plants because they do not need as much water.  I also put some summer squash, yellow straightneck, in one of the big brown containers.
  4. As I planted each pot, I filled the top third with moistened fresh potting soil, and I added more organic fertilizer. All the tomato plants got a dose of RootShield, too, because I had some left over from planting my in-ground tomatoes. (I do NOT recommend a similar product from Gardens Alive anymore because they sent me some that was not viabl–right after they had researched its shelf life!)
  5. I put reservoirs and saucers under the containers and moved them back to their place on top of the rocks by the side of our driveway, on the south facing side of our house. Then I added some supports for the plants that would grow large. Finally, I watered them.

Since taking these pictures, I’ve added labels and a few more supports. (The aqua blue container, planted with my largest Patio Princess tomato, is going to my mother-in-law.)

Containers after planting – 5/29/17








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