Oh, I’ve been gardening since my husband Stan and I bought our first home in 1992. That house came with a small yard where someone had left an 8’x4′ bed made from railroad ties. I had to plant something there, and that something was vegetables.

Why? because that’s what my father had grown in the small backyard of the  two-flat where I grew up on the north side of Chicago. Why? because he had grown up on a farm in Ukraine. You can take the man off of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the man.

Two houses and ten years later, I had 375 sq. ft. of raised beds filled with vegetables, herbs, berries and edible flowers–my favorite! The edible flowers quickly led me into growing ornamentals, so we added flowers beds in the front and back of the house and a container garden on our deck.

No one was more surprised by the size and scope of my gardening than my father, who remembered how I had complained in my childhood that my yard grew smaller each year while his garden grew bigger.

Meanwhile, I not only worked in my garden but also joined a garden club, attended garden workshops, shows and seminars and went on garden walks. I thoroughly enjoy the mutual sharing of experience and better yet, plants, that takes place among fellow gardeners. In order to learn more about gardening and to help others more in their gardening, I became a Master Gardener.

Long before I became a Master Gardener I reached the point where others, including my father himself, would ask me for advice.

I love to talk about my gardening and share my advice, and I like to take pictures and write, too.  So here I am, putting my current garden journal online. It’s for my benefit and yours as we share the gardening experience.

My Dad's Garden - 1970s


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