This blog is the newest version of my personal garden journal.  I expect it to be the best version because it is online and thus accessible to anyone who wants to know what is going on in the Chez Rea garden.

And there is ALWAYS gardening going on at Chez Rea, even in the winter.  My husband Stan likes to say that there are only two seasons on my calendar–gardening and Christmas–and his favorite holiday is the day between them! [Insert rim shot here.] But if the truth be told, I’m still gardening even through Christmas.  Besides the usual sifting through catalogs and making plans for the next growing season that all gardeners do, I can’t resist bringing in and overwintering as many plants as possible. Plus, if I’m to hope for success in starting pansy seeds, then I must plant them in December. Winter, spring, summer and fall are all filled with losses and successes, and here you can find out about them and what strategies I may try next.

I hope you’ll enjoy my gardening right along with me as you follow this blog.  I also hope you’ll comment on my posts and share your own experiences, ideas and questions so we could form a little community of friends who are interested in gardening.


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